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Slednecks 5

Slednecks 5

Slednecks 5

We knew it would be tough to make a film as good or better than Slednecks 4 so we worked extra hard making Slednecks 5. We took the best snowmobilers on the planet, including Jay Quinlan, Chris Burandt, Rob Alford, Kourtney Hungerford, Dan Gardiner, Ryan Britt, BJ Murray, Garth Kaufman, Kyle Armburst and many more, in search of the best snowmobiling we could find. We filmed all over the world in places like Canada, Sweden, Alaska, and all over the lower 48 states to make sure that Slednecks 5 is the best sled film ever made. After you see Dan Gardiner's 110 foot cliff drop, Rob Alford flying off huge mountains, Kourtney busting sick tricks, Quinlan's whole segment, some super deep powder, some of the ugliest crashes ever and lots more, We're pretty sure you'll agree that Slednecks 5 is our best film yet. Soundtrack: Metallica, P.O.D., Static X, Noone, Pennywise, American Herd Charge, and many more. Riders: Jay Quinlan, Dan Gardiner, Chris Burrandt, Kourtney Hungerford, Ryan Britt, BJ Murray, Rob Alford, Jason Fentiman, Tyler Nelson, Dan Adams, Garth Haufman, and many more! Locations: Sweden, Canada, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, The Olympics, Montana, and the Redbull/Slednecks Freestyle Competition.

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