What is a Moto Video?

Motovideo defined:

Moto (noun) [moh-toh, , plural motos.  

1. movement; manner of movement; particularly, movement with increased rapidity; -- used especially in the phrase con moto, directing to a somewhat quicker movement; as, andante con moto, a little more rapidly than andante, etc.

2. one of the heats in a motocross.

+ Video = Motovideo. 

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While there are many early "biker" films, likely originating with The Wild One in 1953, and followed by Easy Rider in 1969, the true Moto Video came into being based on the works of later motorcycling enthusiasts with a passion for off-road riding and racing.   The genre of motovideos was no doubt firmly established by a few early titles:

  • Motovideo - Sick Air                                                                         Brooks Ferrell; Ronn Seidenglanz; John Bradley; On Two Wheels Entertainment.; Full Throttle                                                                                                              Productions.; Alpinestars (Firm); FTV Entertainment.
  • Motovideo - Throttle Junkies
  • Motovideo - What Up?                                                                     Brooks Ferrell; Ronn Seidenglanz; John Bradley; On Two Wheels Entertainment.; Alpinestars (Firm)
  • Motovideo - Get Off
  • Motovideo - Showtime with Jeremy McGrath
  • Motovideo -The Matazattack video : I'm no chicken!!!                1990
  • Motovideo - No Respect                                                                   Jeffrey B. Grubert, Brian Deegan, FTV Entertainment
  • Crusty Demons of Dirt                                                                     1995 Jon Freeman, Dana Nicholson

In the 1990's  and early 2000's Motovideos became extremely popular, and a chronicle of the more famous and popular films and series are listed below:

  • On any Sunday Series

  • Terrafirma

  • Crusty Demons of Dirt

  • Blackwater Series

  • Steel Roots

  • MotoXXX

  • Children of a Metal God

  • Quicksand

  • On the Pipe

There are several producers and directors with notable accomplishments, some of which are described here:

Bruce Brown                                       On Any Sunday

Peter Starr                                           Take it to the Limit

Larry Huffman                                    On Any Sunday II

Jeffrey Grubert                                    Throttle Junkies

Mark Howard                                       Quicksand Video Series

Gregg Godfrey                                     Nitro Circus Series

Lawrence "Lew" Lewis                        Steel Roots Series

Jon Freeman                                        Crusty Demons of Dirt Series

Dana Nicholson                                  Crusty Demons of Dirt Series

Dana Brown                                        Dust to Glory

Major distributors of motovideos over the years have included:

  • On Two Wheels Entertainment (now Motovideo)
  • Motovideo Home Entertainment / Motovideo Productions
  • X-Factor Video
  • Fleshwound Films
  • Impact Video
  • Simitar
  • Duke Video

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