• Alaska to Labrador Highway
REVIEWS: Absolutely fabulous. So real and entertaining, we ordered all of them and I'm so glad we did!...

Your DVD's were done very well, the music is incredible (great taste in music, by the way), the scenery is spectacular, and the human side of your story is so interesting....

I particularly appreciate the interview you did with the couple that took the trip with you. The woman's comments were informative and helpful; I also enjoyed all of the interesting folks that you met along the way...

I found you're DVD's to be a refreshing change from the Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman (Long Way Round & Long Way Down) type of adventure...Your DVD's capture the charm and magic that is 'one man, one bike, the open road. Quite simply you went for a ride and took along a camera!

THE MOVIE: "Alaska to Labrador Highway" is the 6th in the "Burro Has Three Wheels" DVD series, that circumnavigate the roads of North, Central and South America, a Trans America Highway in the greatest sense.

If you're thinking about travel on the Trans Canada and/or Trans Labrador Highway TLH to Newfoundland Labrador by riding a motorcycle, car, or RV, this movie will make you smile...Beyond book format. The episode details a motorcycle road trip as far to the east on the North America Continent as one can drive to Happy Valley Goose Bay, Newfoundland Labrador.

After driving from Portland Oregon to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina in 2006 on the Pan American Highway, Gary Smith departs again, this time with newly purchased professional camera equipment ending up in Prudhoe Bay Deadhorse, Alaska, thus completing his top to the bottom motorcycle tour of the world.

Just getting into the groove he isn't ready to head home yet. Riding across Canada seems like it might be a good ride even if he doesn't stay strictly in Canada the entire way.

From Prudhoe Bay Alaska, down the Dalton and Alcan highways before heading to Happy Valley Goose Bay, Newfoundland Labrador, one thing is for certain, he will be avoiding the Interstate Highways, traveling the secondary roads as much as possible. Ride along in the BMW styled 2005 Troyka's sidecar built by Ural motorcycles.

"Alaska to Labrador Highway" provides viewers a preview to a journey from Alaska through Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, New York, Quebec and Newfoundland Labrador.

Sit back and enjoy the reality of one rider's traveling experiences and adventure including: weather, road conditions, local people and a terrific blues sound track.

Preview this movie and others @ burrohas3wheels.com/Trailer%20Link.htm

This version is for NTSC & Region Free DVD players. If you need PAL & Region Free choose the other title of the same name. NTSC is used in North America, most countries in South America (except Brazil and Argentina), Burma, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, and some Pacific island nations and territories. PAL is used in most other countries. Region Free is for DVD players labeled "Region Free" in any country. If you are unsure check your DVD player specs.

La Carretera Panamericana, Autopista Panamericana, Carretera de los Andes

1 DVD, 85 minutes, filmed in reality style.

Camera: Canon GL2 DVC

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  • DVD Travel Documentary
  • Video trailers of all Burro Has 3 Wheels productions are available on Youtube
  • Terrific Soundtrack

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Alaska to Labrador Highway

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